Clay Pigeon Shooting Bedfordshire

Clay Pigeon Shooting Bedfordshire

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Welcome to Clay Pigeon Shooting Bedfordshire. We have several clay shooting ranges or grounds in the county and several just outside the county borders. Some of the clubs are a simple low key and basic set up, whilst others are used for some of the top competitions in the country. The larger grounds may also include gun shops and shooting instructors. They all combine to allow for either a great introduction to the sport or some of the most challenging shooting days you will find. All the grounds have amassed many years of experience and knowledge and are a great resource for the novice or for someone new to the area.

If you are interested in the sport, we recommend that you first have an “experience event” available at many of the grounds and from independent instructors or shooting schools. Within Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire we would recommend you contact  Guns and Clays Shooting School , their instructors are both knowledgeable and great fun. They can help you with gun safety, therefore making your first experience far more enjoyable and move you through the many stages to improve your shooting. They can also help with choosing or fitting a gun. We also recommend that if you decide to continue with the sport that you join the CPSA, they are a fantastic organisation helping to promote clay pigeon shooting, their continuing efforts in training and improving safety in school is superb. By joining this organisation, you get many benefits, but maybe the most important one is insurance cover should the worst ever happen. They also set, organise and referee the many levels of national competitions. If you fall in love with shooting the CPSA provides the training for referees and instructors.

Although many people disagree with field sports and indeed most clay pigeon shooting folk do not partake in the practice, it is nevertheless an excellent way to practice for when you’re in the field improving animal welfare due to greater accuracy. The governing body BASC promote field sports also promote clay pigeon shooting. 

Amazingly clay pigeon shooting can really help your health and fitness both physical and mental. You have several walks out in the fresh air which can help to strengthen muscles, boost energy and improve balance, it can also help to improve your mental health read more.

Once you have learnt the basics, you may be tempted by the thought of entering a competition or two. These may start with friends and or family battling it out for the price of a beer. There are also competitions at club, district and national level. They maybe for charity and can have some lovely prizes. Very few of us will get to Olympic level (but some people are spotted and chosen from local events), therefore entering competitions is not about being the top of the top it is about being the best in your class or better than your last competition.. The class structure for the different disciplines in clay pigeon shooting can be found on the CPSA website and the different disciplines and their explanations can be found here 
I am asked time after time is it worth entering clay pigeon shooting competitions and I always say yes, it gives you an idea of how good you are and where you need to improve and in all honesty is just, jolly good fun. It can also prove how much you have improved. Most of the competition shooters are there for fun and should you fear being ridiculed because of your novice status I can assure you in most cases you will only find support help, kindness and joviality. Every clay pigeon shooting competitor had to learn and they remember the days when they missed the easiest of shots and when they are being honest, they will confess that they will still have bad days when they also miss the ”easy” shots.


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